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Podcast #1 playlist

I've started the emuliJazz podcast, playing music from my own collection which I have built up since the 1970s. Shows will be going out on a monthly basis and I welcome any comments that anyone has, so please feel free to get in touch. You can use the form on the Contacts page or email me at and include the word 'Podcast' in the subject line.

Playlist #1

Theme music - His Imagined Histories (Vuma Levin) Vuma Levin Quintet

1. Overture (Johnny Hunter) Johnny Hunter Quartet

2. Thank You God for My Wife and Children (Keith Tippett) Keith Tippett

3. Unstable Cylindrical Structure [Extract] (Simon H Fell) SFS

4. Another Kind of Soul (Nat Adderley) Tony Kofi

5. War Orphans (Ornette Coleman arr. Carla Bley) Charlie Haden: Liberation Music Orchestra

6. The Maze (Vuma Levin) Vuma Levin Quintet

7. Outgoing Song (Mike Westbrook) Mike Westbrook Orchestra

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