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The story so far...

I have had a lifelong love affair with both jazz music and photography, and in 2003 came to the decision that it would be a reasonable idea to combine the two.  Over the years I have diversified into photographing other music forms but the majority of my work has been in the jazz field (sometimes literally in a field!).  During 2020 I added a blog and a jazz podcast to the site so feel free to click on those tabs.

In 2021 I re-located to Huddersfield in West Yorkshire where I regularly provide photography for a number of venues including Wakefield Jazz and Sheffield Jazz. In the autumn of 2022 I took on a role as photo editor, designer and producer at Jazz in Britain and in January 2023 I was appointed as a Director of the company. This role now takes up most of my time so the I no longer create the podcast, however all the old editions are available on request. The blog is still updated from time to time and in 2024 I became a reviewer for UK Jazz News

I would like to thank everyone at the Manchester Jazz Festival and Marsden Jazz Festival for their help and patience over the years; long may both of them continue. Thanks also to Hazel Miller at Ogun Records for allowing me to shoot the Elton Dean Memorial Concert,  and to Mike Chadwick and all the staff at Band on the Wall in Manchester.  Thanks also to the late Derek Shiel (1939 - 2017), Artistic Director of Sculpted Sound for asking me to cover his Futurism Updated event at London's Embassy Theatre in 2009.

Many thanks also to John Thurlow at Jazz in Britain for putting his faith in me. Finally, thanks to Andy Cronshaw from Manchester Evening News for featuring some of my pictures in his reviews from the 2014 Manchester Jazz Festival.

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