Podcast #16 February 2022

The February edition of the emuliJazz podcast is now available and features music from Tony Kofi & The Organisation, Miles Davis, Blake Wilner, Alexander Hawkins' Mirror Canon, Paul Edis, Yazz Ahmed, Alina Bzhezhinska and The Ray Ellington Quartet.


1. Tony Kofi & The Organisation – Full House (Wes Montgomery)

2. Miles Davis – All Blues (M. Davis)

3. Blake Wilner – Redemption Song (Bob Marley)

4. Alexander Hawkins’ Mirror Canon – Stamped Down, or Shovelled (A. Hawkins)

5. Paul Edis – Muddle Through (P. Edis)

6. Yazz Ahmed – Ruby Bridges (Y. Ahmed)

7. Alina Bzhezhinska – Annoying Semitones (A. Bzhezhinska)

8. Ray Ellington Quartet - Stomp, Look and / Listen (Duke Ellington)

Theme tune: Vuma Levin Quintet - His Imagined Histories (V. Levin)








L to R: Alexander Hawkins, Alina Bzhezhinska, Paul Edis, Tony Kofi, Yazz Ahmed

All photos © pete woodman photography, © emuliJazz

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