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Podcast #9 June 2021

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

The June podcast features music from Alan Barnes +11, Johnny Richards, Mike Walker, Alexander Hawkins Trio, S.O.S., Laura Cole, Ben Crosland Quintet, Télémaque and The Wrong Object feat. Harry Beckett and Annie Whitehead.


  1. Alan Barnes + 11 - Boogie Stop Shuffle (Charles Mingus)

  2. Johnny Richards - The Moths (J. Richards)

  3. Mike Walker - In Two Minds (M.Walker, John Ellis, Sylvan Richardson, Myke Wilson)

  4. Alexander Hawkins Trio - Sweet Duke (A. Hawkins)

  5. S.O.S. - Goliath (Alan Skidmore, Mike Osborne, John Surman)

  6. Laura Cole - Extinguish (L. Cole)

  7. Ben Crosland Trio - A Lil' Sark Funk (B. Crosland)

  8. Télémaque - St. Elmo's Fire [edit] (Joe McPhee, John Pope, Paul Hession)

  9. The Wrong Object feat. Harry Beckett & Annie Whitehead - Tinseltown (H. Beckett)


Left to right: Alan Barnes, Ben Crosland, Mike Walker, Alexander Hawkins & Laura Cole

(All images © Pete Woodman Photography)

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