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Podcast #6 - March 2021

The March podcast is special to commemorate International Women's Day and all the music in this month's edition comes from female leaders.


1. ARQ – There Is a Crack In Everything (Alison Rayner)

2. Alcyona Mick & Tori Freestone – Mrs. PC (T. Freestone)

3. Helen Anahita Wilson – Neeleshwar (H. A. Wilson)

4. Kika Sprangers – Pelle (K. Sprangers)

5. Karen Sharp – Eronel (Thelonious Monk)

6. Ingrid & Christine Jensen – Old Time (Kenny Wheeler)

7. Annie Whitehead – Sanctimonious Funk (A. Whitehead)

8. Alina Bzhezhinska with Tony Kofi & Joel Prime – Alabama (John Coltrane)

9. Carla Bley Sing Me Softly of The Blues (C. Bley)

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