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Podcast #4 Playlist

The 4th edition of the emuliJazz podcast is now live and is a special European edition (a minor protest at having my EU citizenship revoked against my will). This edition features releases from the 1970s right through to December 2020 from across the EU.

  1. Licks ‘06 (Uli Elbracht) European Union Quartet

  2. Octubre, Otoño en Galicia (Baldo Martínez) Baldo Martínez Grupo

  3. Missing A Page (Joachim Kuhn) Emile Parisien

  4. Floris en Rosa (Leo Cuypers) Leo Cuypers

  5. Ballata (Renato Geremia) Italian Instabile Orchestra

  6. ING [extract] (Laura Toxværd) Laura Toxværd, Jakob Anderskov & Maria Faust

  7. Interstellar (Joost Lijbaart) Joost Lijbaart

  8. Neves (Alessandro Garau) Mal Bigatto Trio

  9. Earth Skin Cut (Eve Risser) Eve Risser White Desert Orchestra

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