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Podcast #3 Playlist

The December edition of the emuliJazz podcast is now live. This month features artists from Scotland and the North of England and includes an interview with award winning Gateshead singer-songwriter Zoë Gilby. As always the intro and closing music is 'His Imagined Histories' by Vuma Levin.

  1. 7Point4Point1 (S. McCallum) Stuart McCallum

  2. Theloniousaurus Part 3 (M. Gray) Misha Gray & his Prehistoric Jazz Quintet

  3. Zoë Gilby interview part 1

  4. For The Day (Z. Gilby/A. Champion) Living In Shadows

  5. The Back Burn (F. McCreadie) Fergus McCreadie Trio

  6. Zoë Gilby interview part 2

  7. Sending Electricity (Z. Gilby/A. Champion) Living In Shadows

  8. Hendo (B. Cottrell) Beats & Pieces Big Band

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