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Podcast #22 August 2022

The August edition of the emuliJazz podcast is now available and features music from Shabaka & The Ancestors, The Impossible Gentlemen, John Taylor Sextet, Johnny Hunter's Pale Blue Dot, Beats & Pieces Big Band, Dinosaur and MUMPS.


Shabaka & The Ancestors - Joyous (Shabaka & The Ancestors)

The Impossible Gentlemen - Dog Time (Gwilym Simcock, Mike Walker)

John Taylor Sextet - Interfusion (J.Taylor)

Johnny Hunter's Pale Blue Dot - Endless Cruelties [edit] (J.Hunter)

Beats & Pieces Big Band - Let's Dance (David Bowie)

Dinosaur - Living, Breathing (Laura Jurd)

MUMPS - Amber (Albert Mangelsdorff, Stu Martin, Barre Philips, John Surman)


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