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Podcast #19 May 2022

The May edition of the podcast is now live and features music from the Mike Westbrook Concert Band, Gilad Hekselman, Joy Ellis, The Project, Something Else!, Floorkin, Sophia Domancich and the Abbie Finn Trio.


  1. Mike Westbrook Concert Band - Waltz [for Julia] (M. Westbrook)

  2. Gilad Hekselman - Fast Moving Century (G. Hekselman)

  3. Joy Ellis - Begin Again (J.Ellis)

  4. The Project - Mad Max (Pangiotis Kotsiopoulos)

  5. Something Else! - Rear Quarters (Mick Beck, Simon H Fell & Paul Hession)

  6. Floorkin - 19:53: Gdansk (Robin Forkin)

  7. Sophia Domancich - Django (S. Domancich)

  8. Abbie Finn Trio - Seven Steps to Heaven (Victor Fledman & Mile Davis)


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