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Podcast #14 November 2021

The November edition of the podcast is given over to the 2021 Marsden Jazz Festival and features music from Shri Sriram & Dennis Rollins, John Pope Quintet, Marcus Joseph, Sloth Racket, Xhosa Cole Quartet, Zoë Gilby, Rod Mason's Elements and Ivo Neame's Big Band.


Clockwise from top left: Shri Sriram, Dennis Rollins, John Pope Quintet, Xhosa Cole Quartet [Jay Phelps, James Owston & Xhosa Cole pictured], Ivo Neame, Rod Mason's Elements [Richard Wetherall & Rod Mason pictured], Zoe Gilby, Sloth Racket, MJF 2021 CD cover.

MJF logos and CD cover designed by Donna Heath © Donna Heath / Marsden Jazz Festival. All photographs by Pete Woodman © petewoodmanphotography © emuliJazz

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