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Podcast #11 - August 2021

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

The August emuliJazz podcast features music from Harry Keeble Quartet, Dave Stapleton, Byron Wallen, French/Japanese duo Donkey Monkey, Soft Machine, Alan Skidmore Quintet, Paradox Ensemble and Richard Iles Sextet.


1. Harry Keeble Quartet – The Sunken Forest (H. Keeble)

2. Dave Stapleton – Shimmers (D. Stapleton)

3. Byron Wallen – No Stars, No Moon (B. Wallen)

4. Donkey Monkey – Wonky Monkey Boogie (Yuko Oshima)

5. Soft Machine – Kings and Queens (Hugh Hopper)

6. Alan Skidmore Quintet – One On One Off (John Warren)

7. Paradox Ensemble – Entanglement (Nick Walters)

8. Richard Iles – All Good Things (R. Iles)


Clockwise from top left: Paradox Ensemble, Byron Wallen, Alan Skidmore, Richard Iles, Dave Stapleton, Harry Keeble (all photos © Pete Woodman photography / emuliJazz)

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